Gipuzkoa, Euskadi

Ama Brewery


”Fermenting impossible dreams”. 

Fermented with passion AMA is the next generation of sophisticated and cleaver low-alcohol drinks, where terroir meets sensitive techniques, defining a new cultural and culinary expression of drinking. Presenting Pét-Nat teas not to be missed out in any way. 

What started off as a group of friends brewing kombuchas in a garage lock-up in one of San Sebastian’s back-streets has today evolved into nothing else but a fully-fledged R&D facility, pioneering the super-low alcohol market. This driving force of people has impressive roots. Dani Lasa and Ramon Perisé originates from the creativity and research team at Michelin Starred Mugaritz; the visionary spirit of Sancho Rodríguez from Granja Remelluri winery in Rioja; on top of that the knowledgeable Henrietta Lovell, founder of London’s The Rare Tea Company, sourcing some of the world’s finest and sustainably grown loose-leaf teas around the world.

The source of water for their pét-nat teas has been of outmost importance. It was vital that the correct water was selected, both for its chemical composition and organoleptic characteristics. In the initial trial process over twenty different waters was tried out before the H2O from the Alzola natural spring in Spain’s flourishing Basque Country check all of the boxes. Here it takes 27 years for the limestone mountain to naturally filter rainwater into the low-mineral water used by the brewery. 

It is hard not to be impressed of the selection of teas and botanicals used for the different cuvées. Rare Prized Golden Lily Milk Oolong from southeasters Taiwan, Malawi-grown tea varieties from Shire Highlands of Malawi in southeast Africa, hand-harvest organic lemongrass from Amba Estate in the Uva Highlands of Sri Lanka, Yabukita variety sencha from an over 200 year old Moriuchu Tea Garden in the Shizuoka prefecture of Japan. Just to name a few. 

As a start of the brewing process the tea is sweetened up and inoculated with a small amount of the previous made kombucha. The SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria or Yeast) is added and promotes the fermentation process. The ‘mother’ feeds off the infusion and is partial fermented with gently temperature controlled for one to three weeks to discourage the production of alcohol. When bottled the tea moves into its final phase of transformation, turning the remaining sugar into natural carbonation and fine bubbles. After a minimum of six months of bottle aging, before hitting the market, the result ends up as a gently sparkling, silky textured, drinking experience with a natural 1,5% to 2,5% of alcohol by volume. 

Each fermentation batch produces approximately 280 limited bottles. With precision the AMA beverages are of vibrant sensory and a true expression of terroir, craftsmanship and alchemy. A revolutionary option packed up with a universe of modern flavors running deep with mother nature.