Barbardillo Manzanilla AS Mirabrás Sumatorio

Some might say that the greatest invention of humanity is navigation, to others it is farming, or perhaps the wheel. At Bodegas Barbadillo it is how to measure time. With two hundred years of experience, origin and dreams it is hard to prove them wrong.

The story of Bodegas Barbadillo dates back to the nineteenth century. In 1810 Mexico declared independence from the Spanish Empire and cousins Benigno and Manuel made the decision to return and settle in their home country. It was Benigno’s fortune, earned through pharmacy and import of Spanish wines, that allowed the family to purchase their first bodega (El Toro) in the heart of Sanlúcar’s old high town. Selling wines throughout Spain and exporting cask of sherry across the Atlantic the success was inevitable and soon the first, at the time, ever bottled Manzanilla (Divina Pastora) in the world was launched. This was the certain birth of Barbadillo. The company has since then been passed down from generation to generation and to this day it remains a family living.

With the seventh generation of the family in charge of the winery the mythic bodega is one of the oldest businesses in the entire country, contributing to the ongoing renaissance on renewing the interest for sherries. The backbone is built up on two centuries of knowledge, the heart beating of creation and innovation, breathing the air of tomorrow. Said to be famous for a number of different first is making Barbadillo of the most important producers in Sanlúcar de Barrameda; first to export manzanilla in casks; first to sell bottled manzanilla; the first to make sparkling wine from Jerez. Their vineyards stretch over 500 hectares and includes 17 different ageing wineries making a compendium of different wines being nothing but admirable.

Let’s vocal Barbadillo as the merit key player they are in one of the most wondrous wine areas in the world. Glancing back in time history is done right. Peeking forward the future seems eternal.