Barbaresco , Piedmont

De Forville


The founder, Gioacchino De Forville, with Walloon origins, in 1860 built up the first bonds between the family and the territory, and he immediately started to believe in the potential of Nebbiolo. Together with other producers, he followed the teachings of Domizio Cavazza, professor at the Royal Oenological School of Alba, defending and promoting the quality of wine. In 1899 the Parliament approved a bill called ”For the safeguard of the true Barolo and Barbaresco wines”. It was the first step towards the acknowledgment of two great wines. 

The De Forville family consolidated their ties with Nebbiolo for Barbaresco and the village of Barbaresco, where the winery was built. The following generations, with Vincenzo, Paolo and Mafalda, continued the work of Gioacchino. 

The family met Bruno Anfosso, who became Mafalda’s husband; the last generation is represented by their children, Paolo and Valter Anfosso, who have been managing the winery which is now more than 150 years old and closely tied with the territory of Barbaresco. The vineyards of the winery De Forville stretch over about eleven hectares in the communes of Barbaresco and Castagnole Lanze. Nebbiolo and Dolcetto are cultivated in best crus of the village of Barbaresco: Loreto, Ovello and Cavanna.

The winery De Forville produces its wines from its vineyards located on the hills of Barbaresco (Nebbiolo and Dolcetto) and Castagnole Lanze (Barbera d’Asti, Moscato e Chardonnay). Attention to the grape quality, history and territory melts with a family-run business, which leads to a wine made from “the heart”. To Paolo and Valter wine is not only a drink, it is the heritage of a territory that has to be protected and promoted among those who appreciate wine that is produced respecting the tradition which made it great, and which has adopted innovative technology to support the production.