Fronsac, Bordeaux

Domaine Jean-Yves Millaire


The story of Domaine Jean-Yves Millaire traces back to the 1950s when Jean-Yves’ grandfather secured various vineyard parcels in the Fronsac and Canon Fronsac appellations, nestled along the right bank of the Dordogne River in Bordeaux. After decades of leasing these vineyards to other growers, Jean-Yves, as the third generation, assumed stewardship of the family estate in 1998.

Together with his wife Christine, they meticulously tend to 47 hectares of vineyards spread across three distinct appellations: AOP Canon Fronsac, AOP Fronsac and AOP Bordeaux. Operating within the Bordeaux vineyards, specifically in the esteemed appellations of Canon Fronsac and Fronsac, Millaire capitalizes on premium terroirs characterized by asteriated limestone plateaus and the clay-limestone molasse of the Fronsadais. Many of his vineyard plots command breathtaking views of the Isle and the Dordogne, boasting diverse exposures conducive to meticulous, plot-by-plot harvesting for optimal ripeness.

Their vineyard practices are deeply rooted in biodynamics (certified since 2009), a holistic and eco-conscious approach that allows their wines to authentically express their terroir. They meticulously maintain ecosystem equilibrium through conscientious vineyard management practices: soil cultivation, herbal-based preparations, incorporation of silica and compost, and adherence to solar and lunar rhythms –  a commitment to fostering harmony among the earth, the vines, and their surroundings.

Vinification occurs naturally, utilizing indigenous yeasts in a combination of concrete, oak tanks, and aging vessels such as barrels, foudres and amphorae. The wines are bottled without fining or filtration, preserving their natural character.

Millaire’s passion for winemaking is palpable and magnetic. His wines embodies authenticity, but more importantly they pulsate with life, terroir, dedication and boast a remarkable aromatic complexity, balancing subtlety with boldness.