Volnay, Bourgogne

Domaine Roblet-Monnot


Volnay, unlike many other communes in Burgundy, has enjoyed renown since ancient times. As far back as the 1300s, it was celebrated as Burgundy’s most prestigious wine, attributed to the Knights of Malta who owned vineyards since 1207. King Louis XI famously appropriated the entire 1447 vintage for his personal collection, underscoring its esteemed status. Volnay’s rich history has resulted in more detailed descriptions of its wines than almost any other in Burgundy, renowned for its perfume and finesse, showcasing Pinot Noir at its most captivating. While Pascal Roblet’s familial ties to Volnay may not stretch as far back as the 1300s, his lineage on his father’s side spans four generations, and on his mother’s side, it extends back to the 1600s, a remarkable heritage by any standard.

In 1987, at 20, he took over the family domaine. Pascal is still a quiet man, someone dedicated to meticulous vineyard work, and his name may not carry the fanfare that other domaine of the area do. Hardly any attention is given to promotion or marketing, instead, his wines speak for themselves and are a source for those with a close ear attached to the Burgundian territory.

The holdings encompass 9 hectares, the majority in the village of Volnay, yet also rooted presence in Pommard and Hautes-Côtes. Pascal’s embrace of biodynamic viticulture since 1997, coupled with high-density horse-plowed planting of 12,000 vines per hectare and remarkably low yields of 30-35 hectoliters per hectare, has propelled his domaine to prominence as a top source of wines from these communes.

He operates the modest rustic cellar in the quaint hamlet of Bligny-les-Beaune. Grape sorting begins in the vineyard, and a vibrating sorting table at the cellar entrance removes leaves, twigs, or inferior grapes. Grapes are typically destemmed, with occasional whole-cluster use depending on the vintage. Punch-downs are rare, and maturation is extended with judicious use of new oak barrels, favoring 400 L, between 18 and 24 months.

Pascal’s steadfast dedication to unlocking the fullest potential of Volnay yields wines of remarkable density and rich structure, marked by unparalleled purity and sophistication. His commitment is equivalent to masterly quality.