Penedès, Catalunya

Enric Soler


Native Enric, with a background as sommelier (champion in Spain 1997), wine scholar and educator, came in to wine making and farming with a unique approach. From the get-go Soler’s been treating Xarel.lo with the belief and respect that it is capable of producing world class white wine. The small inherited parcel called ‘Vinya dels Taus’ became his first challenge to mount and he has proven his view on the variety to be just on point.

First vintage was 2004 with a mere of 2000 bottles. At that time it was more of a side project and little did Enric know that he would quietly start a revolution. Today he still produces a minuscule amount of wine, around 10 000 bottles per year and focuses solely on Xarel.lo. It’s important to emphasis on this and put it into context – when Enric began making still varietal wines nobody else was doing so. It has always been a praised and important grape in the region, but always in blends. The potential of Catalonian Xarel.lo has thanks to Soler’s persistence been proven peerless when handed with right manners, mind and sensory. Its wardrobe being wide and colorfully diverse depending on how grown, treated, raised and respected.

Farming is organic and biodynamic. Wine making is lo-fi and non-technical – he solemnly makes wine based on his palette and with a Burgundian approach – both in style and concept of terroir. The resulting wines are textural wonders with incredible refinement and mineral nerve that clearly speaks of its place. Enric has broken ground and proven that Xarel.lo is one of the great noble green grapes – today producing some of Spains most impressive white wines. Prepare yourself to get gobsmacked by the wines of this pioneer!