Cheverny, Loire

François Cazin


For all Loire-lovers we would like to say that the appellations of Cheverny and Cour-Cheverny are a must to explore. Here we find the independent vigneron François Cazin, a grower passionate about his terroir – also one of only a handful still growing the almost extinct, local Romorontin grape.

Romorontin was essentially saved by Cazin and a couple of other growers who worked hard to save their old vines and the variety in general by fighting for the creation of an appellation entirely based on Romorotin. Hence AOC Cour-Cheverny was established 1997. François is the fourth generation of this 23-hectare estate which grow:

Romorontin – 6 hectares (only 53 hectares in the entire Loire)
Sauvignon Blanc – 6 hectares
Chardonnay – 2.5 hectares
Pinot Noir – 4.5 hectares
Gamay – 3.5 hectares
Côt – 0.5 hectares

In the area you find many different soils, each variety dedicated to a unique one. Calcareous clay and sand soils host Sauvignon Blanc and Gamay and Romorontin, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir are grown on clay which sits on a base of limestone. Vines originate from a The vineyards are treated respectfully and holistically. Organic in practice, something that has earnt the estate Haute Valeur Environnmentale-certification. No herbicides, working the soils, strict pruning.

Being an old estate François Cazin has access to vines of considerable age, these are hand harvested, wines are fermented with wild yeast, no pumping in the cellar, wines are only moved with gravity, and they are bottled unfiltered. Unlike many other appellations in Loire it is common practice to blend grapes varieties Cheverny, in accordance with appellation regulations. The wines François Cazin produces are lively, honest and pure – full of energy and soul.

“Le Petit Chambord” that can be seen on Cazin’s label is the historical name of the family property.