Lamole, Tuscany

I Fabbri


The territory of Casole has belonged to the Grassi family since the 1600s. They were winemakers, but also blacksmiths: they owned a workshop located in the ancient village overlooking the farms that has been used for many years for agricultural activity. This is where the name of this town and of the company originates. Susanna’s great-grandfather Olinto had dedicated his life to this estate: he was a modern, far-sighted man, and in the 1920s he started selling bottled wine, which was not common at the time

At the end of the 90s Susannas agricultural destiny began to come forward through a casual commercial consultancy: this experience brought her back to the old property that they had abandoned for too many years and was struck by this place now so different, empty and sad, but of a bewildering beauty. 

She  decided to give up her job and breath new life into their family tradition: wine production in Lamole. From that moment Susanna took back the vineyards, which until then only gave grapes to other producers in the area and began producing her own Chianti Classico.

This is how her adventure at I Fabbri began. She started without a specific experience,  she only had a mountain of good memories and three very clear ideas, that is to give back the right dignity to that place, produce typical quality wines in a traditional way and sell bottles with their brand.

Production is now approx. 30,000 bottles a year, She produces almost exclusively Chianti Classico as well as a little Merlot. The soil here is so sandy and crumbly that terraces up to almost 700 meters above sea level need to be made for it to be cultivated.