Jean-Marc Burgaud Morgon Cote du Py

Jean-Marc Burgaud is based in Villié-Morgon, in the heart of the most celebrated of the crus. He began working here in 1989, when he had a hectare each in Beaujolais Villages, Regine and Morgon.
Three years later he got his first bit of Côte du Py. Now he’s got 17.5 hectares, with 4.5 ha in Beaujolais Villages, a hectare in Regnie, and the rest in Morgon, including a sizeable 8 hectares of Côte du Py.

Burgauds wines are quite structured and yet they avoid being overpowering or too extracted. He works in quite a reductive way, and young these wines can show a bit of matchstick/mineral/spice reduction, but this sets them up nicely for some ageing. Winemaking here is with the stems. ’I never destem’, he says. Instead, the difference between the wines is the time on skins, which ranges from 7 days for the Villages, 10 days for the Morgon Charmes and 15 days for the Côte du Py.

He likes to get his hands dirty, and spends around 80% of his time in the vineyard and the cellar, continuously improving the wines.
’It’s important that if you write your name on the label that you work in the vineyard,’ he says.

Jean-Marc Burgaud is a budding young star in Beaujolais, his wines are all very bright and pure and incredible value down the line. Burgaud’s wines are underpriced compared to other
cru Beaujolais producers, especially considering the quality.