Wien, Weinland

Jutta Ambrositsch


Jutta Ambrositsch was born in Südburgenland, about 2.5 hours south of Vienna. She moved to Vienna to pursue her career as a graphic design artist, but eventually decided that she needed a change. In 2004, she left her design career swapping an office job for a career in nature and started a special wine project in the city with only 650L of wine. Now, she spends most of her days in the vineyards; with winemaking, she has been able to find a perfect balance of city living and getting her hands in the dirt.
She manages the business with her husband, Marco Kalkbrenner, who takes care of the administration and logistics, while Jutta manages the vineyard and cellar work.

Today, Ambrositsch farms a total of four hectares —three on the right side of the Danube and one hectare on the left bank— in ten different parcels. Each vineyard is unique, with a distinctive terroir and microclimate. In her winemaking she only use native yeasts and keeping cellar intervention to a minimum. She is dedicated to vinifying wines that speak for themselves and express local tradition and terroir. All of her wines are fermented and aged in stainless steel to emphasise purity of fruit and keep the wines energetic and fresh. She farms each organically, but does not have certification.

The Ambrositsch wines are all micro-cuvées and they are a delightful way to discover the historic Vienna terroir.

The specialty of Vienna is a tradtional wine called Gemischter Satz, historically, it was a field blend with many different varieties picked the same day and crushed together for vinification. Different varieties ripen at different rates and it’s quite a skill to decide the exact day when the ripeness and acidity will be a delicious balance amongst all the varieties.