Domfrontais , Normandy



The history begins with Isidore Lemorton (the grand father), the founder of Lemorton family business. During his long life he received many medals and prizes for the product he produced. When the time was right his son, Roger continued the tradition of producing and distilling Calvados, carrying the family name forward. With a passion for the process and production, Roger put his heart and his soul into distilling and fermenting drinks from cider and pears, and aging with intensity his Calvados Domfrontais in oak casks. Inevitably, this great passion was passed on to his son Didier and his wife Martine.

Located at La Baillée Fêtu near Mantilly, Lemorton Calvados is operated by Didier and his son Damien who represent the 3rd and 4th generation of distillers in the Lemorton family. Lemorton operate a traditional high-
stem/low density orchard with a large number of pear trees, more suitable than apple trees, to the limestone soil conditions around the Domfront region. They have a big diversity thanks to the wooded hedges which allow to protect orchards whenever there is bad weather. They take great care to pick the fruit according to the time of the harvest, the most ripened fruit in order to make the best products possible. They put a lot of effort in it and with their experience over the years, their knowledge, and their heart and soul in order to achieve this exceptional