Penedès, Catalunya

L'Enclòs de Peralba


L’Enclos de Peralba was created in 2017 by Roc and Leo Gramona, cousins belonging to one of the most renown families of vine growers and wine makers in the region of Penedès. In that year, Leo and Roc joined their family business and, despite their respect for the family heritage, they decided to start a new project where they could fully develop their disruptive visions and ideas.

The name Enclòs de Peralba literally means: the white stone enclosing. The hills of Sant Sadurni where they make the wine are mostly calcareous
and full of white stones, hence the name. They started scouting vineyards in Penedès around Sant Sadurni and started working in close
collaboration with some of those endangered old viticulturers whose knowledge and practices are close to disappearance. Those growers who,
like them, had given up easy profit and high yield production to
work in a more sustainable and respectful way.

With their inspiration and that of other viticulturers and winemakers of the region, Roc and Leo decided they will focus on only local varieties, single vineyards, organic viticulture and minimal intervention in the cellar. They Looked for those vineyards that could express what they think is the best representation of each local variety. Focus here is the vineyard.
Worth noting that Leo Gramona, despite is young age, is already a
well-respected viticulturist and his knowledge is shared among
growers and properties across Spain.

Their ambition is to promote Penedès as an unique winemaking region with all its virtue and imperfection. Trying to recover the winemaking of that old viticulturer of the traditional “masia catalana” before it all evolved into today’s Penedes commercial side. Their motto is “Make Penedes Great Againg”

Penedès comprehends a wide variety of landscapes with Mediterranean coastal vineyards in the south and steep slopes of the Montserrat in the north surrounding the valley. With soils conformed of argyle, calcareous stones and slate. Enclos de Peralba tries to express the micro terroir of each parcel they work scattered around the territory. They work viticulture with the utmost respect towards not just the vines but the conformation of life around them, trying to understand each piece of land and its surroundings. With a strong focus on local grapes, we work respectful pruning techniques, under organic and biodynamic principles when possible (They are not certified in neither).

In coherence with their viticulture, they work with minimal intervention in their small cellar. Open barrel spontaneous fermentations for reds, and light skin contact with “Pied de Cuve” spontaneous for the whites. They vinify each parcel separately and age it in either barrel of different sizes or concrete.