Zellenberg, Alsace

Maison Jean Huttard


The legacy of Jean Huttard’s family history in winemaking spans nearly two centuries, culminating in the establishment of the Maison Jean Huttard. Little did they know, when they embarked on marketing their wines in 1860, that their legacy would endure for generations.

Situated in the heart of the Alsace Zellenberg boasts a rich viticultural heritage dating back to the Middle Ages. Historical records abound with references to the village’s esteemed winemaking tradition, evident in ancient ecclesiastical documents. The presence of a tithe courtyard belonging to the abbey of Luxenie is documented as early as the 10th century, while the Marmoutier abbey has been an integral part of the village since at least the 11th century. Additionally, historical accounts reveal that in the 13th century, the Dominicans received wine tithes in Zellenberg, underscoring the village’s significance as a hub of viticulture. Such historical richness underscores the time-honored connection between Zellenberg and its illustrious winemaking heritage, a legacy that Maison Jean-Huttard continues to honor and uphold in its pursuit of crafting wines.

During the mid-19th century the estate undertook significant transformations in the vineyard, reshaping it into what it is today. A pioneer in his time, the innovative spirit of Jean-Jacques Huttard, did played a central role that would shape both the estate and the future winemaking in Alsace. Among his notable achievements was the transition from bottling all the vines on the property, a forward-thinking move that set a precedent for modern practices. Notably, he was among the first to adopt grassing of the vines before the 1950s, a bold departure from convention that aligned with principles of organic farming. Moreover, he played a pivotal role in the establishment of the Crémant d’Alsace appellation in 1974, alongside four other producers. Additionally, he made history by introducing plots of Chardonnay exclusively for production within the AOC Crémant d’Alsace, further cementing his status as a visionary in the world of winemaking.

To this day the estate continues to push boundaries. In 2015 the maison embarked on an exciting new chapter with the arrival of Hélène and Antoine, injecting new fresh energy and vision into the estate while staying true to its roots and terroir. Their joint commitment to upholding the cherished values of the house and the essence of the Alsace region invigorated the brand with renewed purpose and enthusiasm. Embracing a spirit of complementarity, Antoine assumed responsibility for tending to the vines and overseeing winemaking processes. Meanwhile, Hélène spearheaded efforts in sales and marketing, leveraging her creative flair to promote the estate wines.

The domaine boasts a sprawling estate spanning 8 hectares of vineyards. Remarkably, these vineyards are divided into a staggering 45 separate plots, scattered across six different towns – Ribeauvillé, Hunawihr, Zellenberg, Beblenheim, Mittelwihr, and Bennwihr. This diverse mosaic of terroirs presents a tapestry of soils, including clay-limestone, marl-limestone, marl-limestone sandstone, clay-marly, and marly-sandstone.

What truly distinguishes the family is their unwavering commitment to quality, demonstrated through low yields, organic farming practices, and meticulous manual farming and harvesting methods. Their connection to the land and profound understanding of the terroir enables them to craft an extensive range of wines, ranging from the esteemed village level to the pinnacle of Grand Crus and lieu-dit expressions. This dedication ensures that each bottle encapsulates the essence of their unique vineyard sites and the rich heritage of Alsace winemaking.

Hélène and Antoine’s shared commitment to honoring the people, terroirs, and landscapes of Alsace underscored every aspect of their work, ensuring that each bottle reflected the essence of terroir with integrity and authenticity. Their wine is a profound respect for nature, a boundless passion for winemaking, and a commitment to craftsmanship, armed with a combination of fresh perspectives and time-honored traditions, they embarked on a mission to deliver nothing short of excellence.