Le Mesnil-sur-Oger, Champagne

Robert Moncuit


The beginnings of Robert Moncuit as a grower can be traced as far back as 1889 when the family began to purchase vineyards in Côte des Blancs. So one can understand that they have a long tradition of farming Chardonnay on prime sites in the region. A tradition that Pierre Amillet, today the fourth generation to make wine in the Moncuit family, is continuing. Pierre is a man completely obsessed by the unity between limestone and Chardonnay – he is also a master of unifying them and translating the terroir through Chardonnay. Wine is only made from own grapes, i.e. grower champagne.

Vineyards today comprise of 8 hectares, all around the villages of Le Mesnil-sur-Oger and Oger. These vineyards are farmed very sensible; No herbicides, no pesticides, no chemical fertilizer, reasonable yields. The 8 hectares are divided amongst around 20 smaller plots and great vineyards like Vozémieux, a prime site in Oger, and the famed Les Chetillons in Le Mesnil-sur-Oger. It is not every day you bump into a producer with holdings in this unique vineyard, its vines sit directly on pure chalk. The Moncuit family has had holdings here for over 70 years hence the age of the vines are high. Something that Pierre says helps transmitting the terroir. Pierre ferments his wine in a cool, gravity-fed, cellar. Fermentation goes through with ambient yeasts and takes place in stainless steel and old oak, mostly old burgundy barrels. It the rests for about 10 months on the lees. Without stirring. Low dosage is at work here, around 0 to 5 g/l. 

Pierre Amillet at Robert Moncuit crafts some fantastic champagne from Chardonnay grown on chalk. The style is very focused, linear, mineral and precise. Pure wines full of finesse, elegance and delicacy. A top grower and top winemaker.