Hessigheim, Würtemberg



To find remarkably expressive and vibrant wines shaped by origin we
know where you need to turn your head at. Lay eyes on the balcony of
terraced, steep slopes around Hessigheim. Say hi to Lassak and the two
brains behind the golden generating of Württemberg!

Stefanie ‘Steffi’ and Fabian Lassak took over the family vineyards in
Württemberg 2016. The region, known as the “low land”, is nothing but
short on wine glam. Most growers, like Steffi’s parents, supplied the
co-ops and even though the area is chock full of vines it wasn’t until
recently only a few ambitious or well-known wineries to be heard of.
Since the love duo laid their hand upon the holdings the project looks
a lot different in comparison to the norm. In an area where conventional
practices been, and still are, the model the couple entered the project
with a clearly different vision on how to grow and produce wine.
Healthy vineyards should be the number one priority and basis of
their wines. The soil needed to meticulously be worked to see new
happy days.

The up to 50 years old vines are rooted on shell limestone with a stony
subsoil on the hills above the Nectar River. The focus lays on three
different grape varieties – Lemberger, Spätburgunder and Riesling,
cultivated over an equal number of hectares. They holistically embrace
organic farming and biodynamic practices and harvest is done
exclusively by hand.

Since day one they’ve mastered a hands-off approach with minimal
intervention. All wines are spontaneously fermented and aged in neutral
vessels to maintain a style honest to place and season. The unfined,
unfiltered, results in bottle are all single signatures that seamlessly unify
liveliness and substance.

Lassak is surely no longer a hidden treasure. The time is right to
recognized this winemaking duo as a glistening newcomer in German
here to stay. Crazily though is that the future potential of the domaine
feels nothing but immense.