Colline Novaresi, Piedmont

Gilberto Boniperti


Fara’s Sean Connery

After studying oenology, Gilberto did internships in various companies, from Bolgheri to Piedmont, and he was convinced that this was his path and he wanted to make his wine, not the wine of others: in 2003 he planted the first vineyard and in 2008 was his first vintage. Gilberto Boniperti has 3,5 hectares of owned land: 4 vineyards situated at 250 m asl and bordered within a small area of about 4 square kilometers.

”When you don’t know what to do, just go to the vineyard … there is always something to do there!”

His grandfather used to repeat this over and over again when Gilberto was a little boy, and he could never imagined that it would become one of his greatest advices, one of the basic concepts of Gilbertos work and life philosophy: full dedication to the vineyards, many hours of manual work, painstaking care for details in following the wine-making process and last but not least the patient wait for the slow and vital ripening of his wines.

The planted red vines all typical for the area: Vespolina, a small patch of Barbera and of course Nebbiolo.
The average planting density is just over 4000 vines per hectare; the choice of low yields, hand picking with small crates only when the grapes reach the right level of ripening are just a few of the factors contributing to obtain wines of superior quality.

After bottling, wine rests in special baskets for at least 4 months: where it undergoes the final and most important refining.
The great care we dedicate to the entire wine-making process enables us to avoid operations that may impoverish wine, and limit the addition of antioxidants, thus preventing undesired contaminations.